Apply for an Eat. Drink. Give. benefit.
In order for Eat. Drink. Give. to be successful in bringing our Food Without Prejudice Project to fruition, we need applications from other not for profit organisations who believe in the power of food to bring communities together. Download the Food Without Prejudice Project Application Form.

How does it work?
Eat. Drink. Give. provides benefits in the form of catering and food services in collaboration with other not for profit organisations in around the Sydney CBD. Our benefits are designed to fill a gap in community services and are directed towards providing special food experiences for those who are disadvantaged in some way, such as the underprivileged, elderly or disabled.

Types of benefits.
Depending on the individual needs of an organisation, Eat. Drink. Give. can assist by stretching the nominated catering budget for an event by providing complimentary catering services and dollar matching, right through to fully catering a function at no cost. Download the Food Without Prejudice Project Application Form for more details.

Previous projects.
Eat. Drink. Give has been involved in some fantastic community projects. A selection are shown below.

For further information contact us here or Download the Eat. Drink. Give. Benefits Policy.